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Support the Blog Author to Bike MS


My dear readers,

I’m asking you to support me in Bike MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and I will ride 60 miles to support the campaign in New Bern, NC, September 6 – 7, 2014.

As my understanding, one of the purposes of this fundraising, is to let the message spread. MS is a very rare disease. Although every pain is equal, we can imagine (and even understand) that few pharmaceutical companies and research institutes have strong financial incentives to support MS R&D. Bike MS campaign is to help to fill the gap.

My first Bike MS ride was in 2012, the first year I landed in US. I didn’t show up in 2013 event because at that time, my wife and me were busying to greet a new generation of biker who is playing with my bike in the picture above. I registered this 2014 event and a 300$ minimal fundraising is required. To support, jump to my Bike MS page and click ‘DONATE To JIANGTANG’:

This Bike MS homepage is the most convenient and secure way to transfer money which will go directly to MS Society, the organizer. You can also choose to be showed up in my ‘Donor Honor Roll’ or stay anonymous. If it does not meet your financial habit and you’re considering Paypal or a paper check, please let me know and I can collect and hand it on to the organizer when I check in.

Any bucks are appreciated. Thank you to be part of efforts of a MS free world.