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Community Contributors to SAS/STAT

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. – Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science, 1966

Yes it’s true: since I have a pretty rich collection of SAS list processing macros, I’d like my list container to hold everything itemized. Here is a nail I found in SAS/STAT online help.

There are strong community contributing to the development of SAS/STAT software. Their names were list in the acknowledgements session of the SAS/STAT documentation (some were former SAS employees):


Since the name list was not in tabulate format, it is hardly to read. The following is a hammer’s way to get a table version of all the contributors and their institutions (only very basic list processing tricks used):

  • copy all the free text and assign it into a macro variable
  • count the number of elements in the value list
  • do loop through the list

filename list url “https://raw.github.com/Jiangtang/SAS_ListProcessing/master/_ListProcessing”;
%inc list;

%let name=%nrstr(Alan Agresti, University of Florida; Paul Allison, University of Pennsylvania; );
%let n= %words(&name, delim=%str(;));

%macro doit(delim=%str(;));
data name;
    length a $100.;
    %do i=1 %to &n;
    drop a;

proc print data=name;

Then we just get the decent tabulate output (partial):



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I do have fun to read this list while I can see some familiar names like Alan Agresti, Paul Allison, Michael Friendly, Wayne Fuller, Frank E. Harrell Jr., Wolfgang M. Hartmann, Ronald W. Helms, Gary Koch, J. Philip Miller and Chris Olinger (#84), who is my current colleague! This finding is a bonus because I know Chris is is purely technical guy. He might be the only non-statistician in the list. I chatted with Chris and he said it’s due to his early contribution on ODS.

The full report if you are interested in:

1 Alan Agresti University of Florida
2 Paul Allison University of Pennsylvania
3 Douglas Bates University of Wisconsin
4 John Barnard Jr. Cleveland Clinic Foundation
5 David Binder (deceased) formerly of David Binder Research
6 Suzette Blanchard Frontier Science Technology Research Foundation
7 Mary Butler Moore formerly of University of Florida at Gainesville
8 Wilbert P. Byrd Clemson University
9 Vincent Carey Harvard University
10 Sally Carson RAND
11 Love Casanova CSC-FSG
12 Helene Cavior Abacus Concepts
13 Rao Chaganty Old Dominion University
14 George Chao DuPont Merek Pharmaceutical Company
15 Colin Chen Fannie Mae
16 Daniel M. Chilko West Virginia University
17 Marc Cohen Fair Isaac Corporation
18 Jan de Leeuw University of California, Los Angeles
19 Dave DeLong Duke University
20 Alex Dmitrienko Eli Lilly
21 Sandra Donaghy North Carolina State University
22 David B. Duncan Johns Hopkins University
23 Paul Eilers Leiden University
24 Scott Emerson University of Washington
25 Michael Farrell Oak Ridge National Laboratory
26 Stewart Fossceco SLF Consulting
27 Michael Friendly York University
28 Rudolf J. Freund Texas A&M University
29 Wayne Fuller Iowa State University
30 Andrzej Galecki University of Michigan
31 A. Ronald Gallant Duke University
32 Joseph Gardiner Michigan State University
33 Charles Gates Texas A&M University
34 Thomas M. Gerig North Carolina State University
35 Francis Giesbrecht North Carolina State University
36 Harvey J. Gold North Carolina State University
37 Kenneth Goldberg Centocor Inc
38 Robert J. Gray Harvard University
39 Donald Guthrie University of California, Los Angeles
40 Gerald Hajian Schering Plough Research Institute
41 Bob Hamer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
42 Frank E. Harrell Jr. Vanderbilt University
43 Wolfgang M. Hartmann  
44 Walter Harvey Ohio State University
45 Douglas Hawkins University of Minnesota
46 Xuming He University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
47 Ronald W. Helms Rho, Inc.
48 Joseph Hilbe Arizona State University
49 Gerry Hobbs West Virginia University
50 Ronald R. Hocking Texas A & M University
51 Nick Horton Smith College
52 Julian Horwich Camp Conference Company
53 Jason C. Hsu Ohio State University
54 David Hurst University of Alabama at Birmingham
55 Joseph G. Ibrahim University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
56 Emilio A. Icaza Louisiana State University
57 Jun Jie Purdue University
58 Joerg Kaufman Bayer Schering Pharma AG
59 William Kennedy Iowa State University
60 Gary Koch University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
61 Roger Koenker University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
62 Alexander Kolovos SpaceTimeWorks LLC
63 Kenneth L. Koonce Louisiana State University
64 Rich La Valley Strategic Technology Solutions
65 Russell V. Lenth University of Iowa
66 Charles Lin U.S. Census Bureau
67 Danyu Lin University of North Carolina
68 Ardell C. Linnerud North Carolina State University
69 Ramon C. Littel University of Florida
70 George MacKenzie University of Oregon
71 Brian Marx Louisiana State University
72 J. Jack McArdle University of Southern California
73 Roderick P. McDonald Macquarie University
74 Alfio Marazzi University of Lausanne
75 J. Philip Miller Washington University Medical School
76 George Milliken Kansas State University
77 Robert J. Monroe North Carolina State University
78 Robert D. Morrison Oklahoma State University
79 Keith Muller University of Florida
80 Anupama Narayanan Procter & Gamble Co
81 Meltem Narter  
82 Ralph G. O’Brien Cleveland Clinic Foundation
83 Kenneth Offord Mayo Clinic
84 Christopher R. Olinger d-Wise Technologies
85 Christopher J. Paciorek Harvard University
86 Robert Parks Washington University
87 Richard M. Patterson Auburn University
88 Virginia Patterson University of Tennessee
89 Cliff Pereira Oregon State University
90 Hans-Peter Piepho Universität Hohenheim
91 Edward Pollak Iowa State University
92 Stephen Portnoy University of Illinois
93 John Preisser University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
94 C. H. Proctor North Carolina State University
95 Bahjat Qaqish University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
96 Dana Quade University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
97 Bill Raynor Kimberly Clark
98 Georgia Roberts Statistics Canada
99 James Roger GlaxoSmithKline (retired)
100 Peter Rousseeuw University of Antwerp
101 Donald Rubin Harvard University
102 Joseph L. Schafer Pennsylvania State University
103 Robert Schechter AstraZeneca
104 Shayle Searle Cornell University
105 Pat Hermes Smith formerly of Ciba-Geigy
106 Roger Smith formerly of USDA
107 Phil Spector University of California, Berkeley
108 Michael Speed Texas A&M University at College Station
109 William Stanish Statistical Insight
110 Rodney Strand Orion Enterprises, LLC
111 Walter Stroup University of Nebraska
112 Robert Teichman ICI Americas Inc.
113 Terry M. Therneau Mayo Clinic
114 Edward Vonesh Northwestern University
115 Grace Wahba University of Wisconsin at Madison
116 Glenn Ware University of Georgia
117 Peter H. Westfall Texas Tech University
118 Edward W. Whitehorne CI Partners, LLC
119 William Wigton USDA
120 William Wilson University of North Florida
121 Philip Whittall Unilever (retired)
122 Dong Xiang  
123 Victor Yohai University of Buenos Aires
124 Forrest W. Young (deceased) formerly of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
125 Ke-Hai Yuan University of Notre Dame
126 Ruben Zamar University of British Columbia
127 Scott Zeger Johns Hopkins University