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What’s New

I didn’t blog for a while in this first half March and there are bunches of new stuff to catch up:

I had a new baby! He was delivered on time (and on budget!), lions tigers and bears, oh my… His brother is Tiger so I named him, Leo.

And I got the latest SAS 9.3 (TS1M2) installed! SAS is jus getting much beautiful.


OpenCDISC had the latest release, Version 1.4 with the new SDTM 3.1.3 validation checks,—and yes CDISC itself also had some significant updates:

SDTMv1.3 and SDTMIGv3.1.3 now have the machine readable metadata online. It’s a nice improvement (last year I just posted The Great, Open, Vendor-neutral, Platform-independent Data Standards, … Yet in PDF Formats).

Define-XML now turns to 2.0 (finally).

R had its final 2.* release, Version 2.15.3 and Version 3.0.0 will just come soon. RStudio also had a update recently. RStudio is the best IDE (not just R IDE) I used.

Google will shut down Google Reader, the best RSS reader ever. It’s a huge loss and I tell you, for example, the famous SAS and statistical blogger Wensui Liu, once frequently posted on Windows Live Space, and then Blogspot and finally WordPress. The former two blogs were closed and Google Reader feed is the only way to archive these lost posts!