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New Game in Town: SAS Metadata Administration

You might also read that there were constant (although still not frequent) posts on SAS metadata querying and other administration tasks in SAS blogosphere since 2012 (when I started to play with it^). It is yet another evidence that more and more SAS programmers switched from SAS foundation to the so called SAS intelligent platform. In the traditional SAS foundation world, a nice source of metadata is the Dictionary table (or V datasets in SASHELP library); In SAS intelligent platform, a much more comprehensive metadata is stored in a SAS Metadata Server (Is “Data” singular or plural?).

To get started, Wendy McHenry posted a nice introductory blog, Why I love SAS metadata and Angela Hall, How did you find that metadata?, Jennifer Parks, Two methods for editing SAS metadata.

To communicate with SAS Metadata Server programmingly, you can use Java or Base SAS  which are both well documented. Chris Hemedinger recently shared bunch of posts on how to use PowerShell to talk with SAS Metadata Server.

Industry gurus Paul Homes and Gregory Nelson also begin to blog in SAS User Groups on this subject (Paul’s own website is a great source too).

A community blog “BI Notes” also has some interesting posts on SAS metadata. Check it out.

———update20140718: Useful Docs———

SAS 9.3 Metadata Model: Reference (HTML)

SAS 9.4 Open Metadata Interface: Reference and Usage (PDF, HTML)

SAS 9.4 Language Interfaces to Metadata (PDF, HTML)

SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide (HTML, PDF)