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How to Write a Check? Use SAS Format!


During my initial stay in US last year, one of the interesting exercises was to write a check. The Arabic numerals (the universal language!) were pretty intuitive while I didn’t feel much comfortable on spelling the face value in words: I never played the game!

But the good side of this story was, as a SAS programmer and I used a WORDFw. Format:

data null;
    put money wordf100.;

and got:


Another check with a bigger value:



I paid specially interested on SAS Format recently because of the introducing Perl Regular Expression into PROC FORMAT invalue statement since SAS 9.3(an old procedure plays a new game!). For example, a labeled TIME8. informat created by

proc format;
    invalue xxx (default=20)
      ‘/(\d+):(\d\d)(?:.(\d+))?/‘ (REGEXP) = [time8.];

For more, see Rick Langston’s paper, Using the New Features in PROC FORMAT (2012).