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SAS Perl Regular Expression (PRX) Talk in the forthcoming SESUG 2012

Research Triangle will host SouthEast SAS Users Group (SESUG) 2012 conference (October 14-16, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, NC; back to the home of SAS!). It will be my first regional SAS user conference and I will have a talk on SAS Perl Regular Expression(PRX), in the morning of next Monday, Oct 15.


SAS PRX is an old school topic somehow. After dumping the paper, I think I should restructure my talk in a more accessible way. Regular expression is the de facto standard tool for text processing (you can get help from the whole world besides SAS!), and SAS 9.3 even incorporates it to Proc Format. My talk will go like this:

  • No picnic! You are already using Regex: remember *.sas?
  • Where to start? what you should do is only to fill the programming block
  • Supporting tools: visually play with Regex
  • Resources: how to get the Regex for immediate use without digging into the “hairy” metacharacters for days and weeks
  • A demo
  • A Joke

See you then!