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Set Up R (for SAS Programmers)

Yep, I am a SAS programmer: during the day time, I use SAS for my work; at the evening, I use R for entertainment.—

Charlie Huang

Getting start to play with R (it is really a wonderful learning tool):

12. SAS IML Studio and R Integration (not tested)
11. SAS IML and R Integration (not tested)
10. SAS Base and R Integration: PROC R

also a blog post.

9. Data transfer among R and SAS(xpt)

SAS: SAS Macros that Convert a Directory of Transport Files

R: use read.xport function in Foreign package and write.xport in SASXport package to read/write xpt file

8. Data transfer among R and SAS(CSV)

SAS: use %DS2CSV Macro to export SAS dataset to CSV file

R: use read.csv /write.csv function to read/write CSV file

6. R blogs
5. R search
3. All R packages
2. Install RStudio, a much better R IDE
1. Get R software