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Blogging is Awesome: CDISC Bloggers

I remember when blogging was cool.

Before the specializing and monetizing and Twitter-izing.

                                      —Peter Dewolf

Well I think blogging is still cool (and awesome_ and _awesome …). The most appealing personal reason is, blog posts are Google searchable and suitable for archive while Tweets NOT. Admittedly I hold some sort of  Existentialism 2.0:

if it is not Google searched, it doesn’t exit!

Last month I placed a post on how to keep pace with CDISC from its official channels and I feel cool to add an appendix of source from the awesome blogosphere. Fortunately or not, CDISC is still in the niche market of topics and it takes few efforts to get the list(update me if someone else available! if you are a Google Reader user, just simply import this file, my Google Reader subscription on CDISC):

1. Blog @ Assero** by Dave Iberson-Hurst (“Dave IH”)**


Insightful and full of humor. I retweeted all of its latest posts and you can feel somehow on these tittles (YES on CDISC):

What I Want, What I Really Really Want

Churchill, the FDA and a Fall

Mad March and the FDA

Btw, I write blogs casual way while it is very impressive to read IH reminding me the George Orwell style.

2. d-Wise Technologies Blog


It is my employer’s official blog site where Chris Decker is the key contributor to CDISC. You can check out his latest posts on FDA/PhUSE Annual Computational Science Symposium where he served as committee lead:

Overcoming Industry Challenges: A Shift to Collaboration

Validation and Quality: Are They the Same?

I will also commit to update this blog as my understanding on clinical standards goes. Here is the saying:

look to the master,
follow the master,
walk with the master,
see through the master,
become the master.

3.  XML4Pharma Blog


with industry news and hard (while cool) way writing on XML (CDISC ODM, define.xml).

4. eClinical Trends** by Clinovo**


Clinovo jumps to this topic by launching a CDISC SDTM convertor CDISC Express.

5. eClinicalOpinion


This blog is most focused on EDC, the clinical data management part. I like its series discussion on CDISC ODM.

6. eCTD Regulatory Submissions Network


This is a personal blog by Shakul Hameed. I read it mostly to get some information on submission requirements from European regulatory.

7. HL7 Watch


while it is not CDISC directly related (#6 also), it’s nice to get some voice of HL7 which would be the future of CDISC.

8. From a Logical Point of View-CDISC


Yes this one, my 2 cents. I will keep recording my personal immersion and understanding on CDISC and related clinical standards. (while it is privilege to cross reference oneself in his/her own blog! Keep awesome, keep blogging.)

9. Linked Data and URI:s for Enterprises


Look at the colon (:) in the title of this blog and you’re right this blog plays (at least) with XML. I find it is good resource (thanks @kerfors for referencing!) to learn ODM, the foundation of CDISC while the latest post is

Semantic models for CDISC based standard and metadata management

P.S.: Blogger Chris Hemedinger maintains a nice list of SAS bloggers (blogs by SAS employees, and blogs by SAS customers, consultants, and the analytics community).