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Not Documented, Not Exist?!

Weeks before I first got the column edit mode in SAS 9.3 Enhanced Editor. Since had no previous SAS versions in machine, I just checked the online documentation of SAS 9.2 in which it’s not mentioned (while documented in SAS 9.3) then I concluded the column mode is an exciting new feature in SAS 9.3: if it is not documented, it doesn’t exist!

Then it turns that I was wrong. My friend Venkat Veerisetty just told me that this feature was available since SAS v8. I also found a machine with SAS v9.2 and it works.

While not-documented-not-exist is obviously an arbitrary assumption regardless of facts, I still hold it somehow when emphasizing the importance of documentation.  Chris Hemedinger gave a reason why there are some undocumented “behaviors” in SAS. It makes sense, while in this case, it would be just happened to be missed in other documents and then newly added in v9.3.