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Blogging SAS

Almost at the same time, there are two SAS blogs aggregators popping up to the web for SAS programmers worldwide, one in Chinese, the other, English:

http://saslist.com/  in Chinese, maintained by sxlion, also the owner of a SAS information site,  http://saslist.net/

http://sas-x.com/   in English, maintained by Tal Galili, also the owner of R blogs aggregator, http://r-bloggers.com/

I try to express in a very symmetrical way. What’s more (and interesting), these two aggregators share a same WordPress template. My blogs, in Chinese and in English, are also the members of these aggregators respectively.

I view this is the first wave for SAS programmers to embrace the Web2.0 world. If interested, you could also add your SAS blogs in