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Industry Review: SAS and Teradata Partnership

SAS and Teradata Partnership: Press

  1. Leading Companies See Value in SAS and Teradata Partnership
  2. SAS and Teradata Unveil Advantage Program to Bring Powerful In-Database Solutions and Services to Customers
  3. SAS and Teradata Enter into Strategic Partnership

In BI industry, the pure players such as SAS, Teradata and Microstrategy, need to demonstrate their indispensable values against the megavendors, IBM (acquired Cognos), SAP (acquired Business Object), Oracle (acquired Hyperion) and Microsoft. Teradata is solely focused on enterprise data warehouse. SAS, dominating in business analytics (e.g. advanced statistics and data mining), will check and balance the BI industry due to the private-hold structure. SAS and Teradata Advantage Program partnership, includes wide business lines, such as Analytics, AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Credit Risk, Enterprise Intelligence and Optimization Services. I think It’s a effective way to learn from each other in mutual emulation and counterbalance the concentration market.